Staff Application Example [READ THIS FIRST]

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Staff Application Example [READ THIS FIRST] Empty Staff Application Example [READ THIS FIRST]

Post  StormAvenger on Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:55 pm

In order for your staff application to be read and accepted, you must follow a certain model in which you post your qualifying information (Remember, the higher the rank you are, the harder it is to get a promotion). Here is the example in which you must follow:

IGN (in game name):
Your current rank on the server:
The rank you are qualifying for:
Why you want to be part of staff:
Why you want to be promoted:
How would you contribute to the server:

Please give specific answers and reasons so that the decision may be decided more thoughtfully.
The better the response, the better chance of getting a promotion.

Additionally, we watch out for the top posters of the website and the winners of video contests to boost staff application chances (*wink wink*) Smile


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