Welcome to the StormCraft Website! :D [RULES *READ THEM CAREFULLY*]

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Welcome to the StormCraft Website! :D [RULES *READ THEM CAREFULLY*]

Post  StormAvenger on Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:13 pm

We are proud to announce that this is our first attempt at making a server website, and IT WORKED Very Happy. From now on, StormCraft will be running under this forum and players on the server may create an account and post any problems or issues or anything worth posting about under each of the forum sections. Here are the basic rules of the forum:

1) Do not post any explicit/inappropriate content
2) Do not swear (unless you are part of forum staff)
3) Do not cyber-bully anyone and respect all players and staff
4) Do not spam messages (if it's an error with your computer, tell the staff and we will fix it)
5) Do not go off-topic and remember to post your message under the relevant category
6) [Optional]: Remember to spell and use grammar correctly Razz

Have Fun! Smile


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